Winchell Cove 10K Race Recap

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

i’ve had this one circled on the calendar for a while. i remember the night like yesterday. it was mid-october. the kids and hubby were asleep, and i was browsing a list of local races. i had just recently fell in love with running. i wasn’t sure if this love would last, but i was sure that i wanted to quickly sign up for a race. once you sign up for a race, it becomes real. you’ll spend the money and you’ll commit to it - or so i had been told by other runners. so, with the click of a button, i signed up for the winchell cove 10k trail run. here goes nothing!

it was nearly three months away. of course i’d be ready, right?

since that night in october, i’ve run three official races (11/16 lions club diabetes 5k; 12/14 jingle bell toys for tots 5k; 1/1 resolution run 4mi). i’ve been averaging 10-15 miles a week of running, stroller in tow, plus 3 fit4mom classes each week. this race was the time to really push myself, and i was as ready as ever.

flash forward to today. i started the morning with a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal (my fave pre-workout meal). the weather was absolutely perfect. a chilly <40 degrees at race time, but a clear and beautiful day it was. i was so excited to run this race, especially since it was my first time on the trail AND first race without the kiddos. pre-race jitters for sure!

at 8:15 the race started, and it was love at first stride. this course was perfect. such a great introduction to trail running - a few manageable hills, beautiful views, and a very well-maintained trail. the race went by so quickly. i was keeping a great pace and felt so strong throughout the entire race. i really picked up speed at mile 4 and was able to make some strides with my overall time. i finished strong and felt like a rockstar when i crossed the finish line - i was greeted by my little cheering section: hubby and the two kids!

my takeaway from this race: i’ll sign up for this run every year. it was that good. can’t wait to lace up again next year!

my tip: if there’s a race that piques your interest, just sign up! go for it. once you commit, you’ll have something to train for and look forward to.