virtual half marathon recap

i did it! 13.1 miles. complete. in under 2:30. when i started my running journey in november 2019, i had my sights set on running a half marathon. 13.1 miles seemed so far away. but i knew that if i committed to running and training, i could do it!

yes, my race was originally scheduled for march 15, and i was supposed to be joining hundreds of other runners at the start line in beautiful shaver lake. but, like hundreds of races across the country, my race was cancelled. sure, i initially threw my own little pity party. i remember telling my husband: “i’m not doing the virtual race. no way! how the heck can i run 13.1 miles without the race environment?”

that question was at the top of my mind for several days. and then self-doubt crept in. maybe i wasn’t really ready for the half, and this was the universe’s way of telling me that. maybe i should have trained harder. maybe i should have logged more miles (my longest run of my training cycle was 10 miles). but then it hit me: this was the race i trained for. i’m gonna do it.

so i did it! on saturday afternoon, during nap time, i drove to my favorite trailhead and parked. i did my usual warm up, laced up my shoes, queued up my music and put on my hydration vest. i was ready! by mile 9 i really started to get fatigued and i almost quit. but then, i kept thinking about my two little ones and what i would tell them if they were in my shoes. if they had trained for months for something, and then hit a roadblock…i would tell them to keep going. so that’s exactly what i did. i kept going.

the world is always uncertain, even when we’re not stuck in a covid-19 quarantine. anything can happen, at any time. right now, it feels like the world is completely upside down. how do we make it right when we have no control? the answer is simple: control the controllables. when i worked in the ad agency world, one of my bosses would tell us that all the time. it drove me crazy at the time, but it makes so much sense. in moments like this, that’s all we can do.

i felt total clarity when i ran my virtual half marathon. for that 2:30 hour period, i only thought about one thing: finishing my race. it was the perfect escape and the perfect outlet. i was in control of my destiny, even if it wasn’t as i had pictured it.

i’m so proud to have finished my first half marathon. i’m so excited to run my first “real” half marathon, hopefully in may 2020 as planned.

wishing all of you the best during this time of uncertainty! stay home, stay positive, and stay active. we’ll be on the other side of it soon!