The New Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

I started my career in PR agencies. One of my favorite things was pitching holiday gift guide editors. I loved suggesting products for their annual lists…and it was so rewarding to see our clients’ products on their lists! So now that I’m a “blogger”, I figured it would be appropriate to make my own gift guide – the new runner’s holiday gift guide. Woo hoo!

These are some of my favorite running-based products. Nothing sponsored here – these are my true opinions only, no financial motivation. I’ve used each and every one of these products over the past year. They have my stamp of approval as a new runner!

I’ve broken my list down into three sections: Motivation, Gear, and Fuel. These are my absolute must-haves for the new runner on your list. I hope you find this list helpful! Bonus points: most of the folks on my list are small businesses! Let this be yet another reminder to shop small this holiday season. Our friends, family and neighbors are counting on it.

Happy gift-giving!


Momentum Jewelry

Positive self-talk and encouragement are so important for new runners! I love the positive messages on each Momentum Jewelry bracelet or footnote. In fact, I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon wearing a Momentum “footnote” – a little positive affirmation on my shoelace. “Earned, Not Given!”

Runner’s World Magazine

I might be the only person that still reads printed magazines these days…but it’s so nice to receive a hard copy of something in the mail! And bonus points when that something is full of helpful training tips, gear reviews, and inspirational stories for runners. I was gifted a Runner’s World subscription for my birthday last year (thank you, Mom!) and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I’ve kept all of the issues from this past year and I constantly reference them. Visual learner much? : )


Roam and Run

I first discovered Roam and Run last year. If I made a clothing company, Roam and Run would be it. Simple as that! I seriously love ALL of their designs. I’ve purchased several t-shirts, hats and tanks over the past year. Super soft, sick designs…perfect for my minimalist, casual fashion, trail running self! I love wearing R&R clothes after around the campfire, or after a long run.

Fleet Feet

Support your local run shop this holiday season! 2020 has been one hell of a year for small businesses. I am so grateful for our local Fleet Feet store, Fleet Feet Fresno. I’m a big fan of in-store shopping, especially when it comes to purchasing running shoes, sports bras, etc. You can bet I’ve asked Santa for a Fleet Feet gift card this year!


RBar Energy + Protein Bars

I discovered RBar earlier this year. I can’t tell you enough how much I love these little bars. Before a run, during a long run, pre-workout…RBar Energy Bars are my go-to for a quick boost. Made with 7 ingredients or less, and made in the USA, RBars taste great. My personal favorites: Lemon Poppyseed and Blueberry Breakfast! YUM. When you check out, use code KELSEY_20 to save 50 percent through Cyber Monday! #TeamRBar #RBarAmbassador

Tailwind Endurance Fuel

I LOVE TAILWIND. New runners need fuel – especially if they have aspirations to run longer distances like the half marathon. After trying many fueling options out there, Tailwind was above and beyond the rest. Just add to your water and go! Tastes great, no tummy troubles or sluggish feeling. My flavor of choice: Mandarin!


We are a big fan of Nuun in our house! My hubby loves the electrolyte tabs after a long day of work (he’s in the field all day, construction). I love Nuun tabs after a long run. Soooo important to replenish your electrolytes during training.