The best way to dry your hydration reservoir: Bondry review

for those of you who have followed my running journey, you’ve seen my adventures in hydration gear testing. i’ve tried nearly hydration method out there. hydration backpacks, vests, handhelds, belts…you name it, i’ve reviewed it! now, i only run with a hydration vest (i wear my vest on my longer runs, over 6 miles or 1 hour of running, plus weekend hikes).

as anyone who has ever run with a hydration bladder/reservoir will tell you, they are an absolute pain to dry. when i first started testing hydration methods in early 2020, i asked fellow runners for their best reservoir drying tips. some runners told me to freeze the reservoir. others had macgyvered their own systems (coat hanger, filling the reservoir with paper towels, using a hair dryer, etc.). the first time i used my hydration vest and bladder, i remember vividly how long it took to dry (over four days). and even then it wasn’t completely dry. mildew anyone? no thanks!

so i was thrilled when i discovered bondry by fossil outdoor inc. i recall seeing their ads on instagram and thought “oh, this is cool”, but i waited a while to give it a go. at $19.99, was their product really worth it? i finally pulled the trigger when i realized how much i would be using my hydration reservoir in the coming weeks/months for my zion half marathon training. i was in desperate need of a more efficient system since i was planning to use my reservoir at least once a week for long runs. i’m also paranoid about mold/mildew, so a proven drying method was essential.

so what is bondry and how does it work? bondry is a rectangular shaped piece of absorbent material which you place directly in your reservoir once it’s been rinsed (it’s made of plant-based fibers and polyester from recycled plastic bottles). within hours, not days, it goes to work, absorbing all of the residual moisture from the reservoir. while testing the product, i timed it. in less than 8 hours, my reservoir was completely dry. i couldn’t believe it! i use bondry when i get home after a long run, and the next morning, my reservoir is dry and ready for the next adventure. this is not a paid review, and i purchased this product at full price (none of my reviews are financially influenced, as you know – authentic opinions all the way!). i’m committed to sharing products that work for me, in hopes that you will enjoy them as well. bondry is a really cool idea, and fossil outdoor products is a promising start-up. i love supporting new companies (especially when their products really work!). bonus points: materials for bondry are ethically and sustainably sourced, and the product is manufactured in arizona. you can read about the materials/manufacturing details here.

to learn more about bondry, visit if you give bondry a try, let me know what you think! as with all of my reviews, give me a shout if you have any questions about my experience with bondry.