tailwind & hydration backpack

i am so close to finding my ideal combination of hydration and nutrition options for my march half marathon. this past week, i tested out two new items: tailwind and a basic hydration backpack.

i’ve heard great things about tailwind from several of my running friends. some of the selling points: it’s easy to drink, tastes great, and is gentle on sensitive stomachs. sounded pretty good to me! so i proceeded to order several tailwind samples. the samples arrived, accompanied by a handwritten note from their team (how nice is that?). i loved the personal touch. i mixed up the mandarin orange tailwind up with a big jug of water – 24 ounces to be exact – and hit the road. i did a 10-mile stroller run and felt great. the taste was fantastic and best of all, i felt a nice consistent boost of energy throughout my run. and no gas. no tummy ache. amen!

tailwind will definitely be joining me for my half marathon, and really any run beyond 6 miles (or beyond 45 minutes of running). so relieved to have found a reliable energy/nutrition source for my upcoming races!

second, hydration pack.

a few months ago, i purchased a camelbak-style hydration backpack (like this one on amazon). i had yet to use the backpack, since all of my trail runs and road runs had been pretty short in distance (or i had the stroller to carry my water). in prep for my half marathon, i really wanted to give the backpack a try. i filled the bladder (this name cracks me up, btw!) with 24 ounces of water. it has a 1-litre capacity, but that felt too heavy for me. i buckled up the pack and hit the road!

i did a 3-mile run in the double stroller, backpack in tow. i normally don’t drink water during runs of this distance, but i made the exception for testing purposes. the sloshing of the water in my pack honestly drove me nuts. granted, i will have headphones in for my half marathon, so i probably wouldn’t hear the sloshing as much as i did when running with my kiddos (i run with music on my phone only, so i hear everything as opposed to headphones). but the sloshing was a little obnoxious. the water was easy to drink, and i loved the easy of not having to grab a water bottle. but the noise was rough for me.

the backpack also chafed quite a bit, leaving a nasty abrasion on the back of my neck. and how on earth are we supposed to clean the water bladder? i’m still trying to air dry it and it’s been quite an endeavor.

i can definitely see the benefit of a hydration backpack for hiking, but it’s not going to be a fit for me for running. so if you’re keeping score…i’ve tried a hydration belt, hydration backpack, and a handheld water bottle. the handheld is definitely in first place for me.

next, i will look at a hydration vest! not giving up yet… : )