support blue 10k

note: i’m starting this race recap a little differently…to see my traditional race recap, scroll to the bottom of this post!


the family that runs together stays together!

over the weekend, the kiddos and i ran the support blue 10k (in the double stroller) to show our love for the fresno police department. i’m proud to say my hubby, erich, ran his very first 5k this day as well! you see, erich was “never a runner”. just like me. he played football in college (defensive line), so he’s best when running in 5-yard increments. and he admittedly hadn’t run in 10 years. he’s an avid weight lifter and enjoys the spin bike regularly, but never experienced the joy of running. in fact, he’d avoid running all costs! sound familiar? this was me before i started running in october 2019.

well, given my new obsession with running, and specifically running races, erich had no choice but to join me in my training. for months, i’ve been asking him to run with me. and then, in january, he finally decided to give it a go. he signed up for the support blue 5k in early january, so he had around 6 weeks to prepare for the 3-mile adventure.

we had so much fun training together – as a family – for his 5k. we started small with 1-mile runs, and then over a few weeks we added 2-mile runs to our weekly plan. the week before the 5k, we ran a “practice” 5k together, double bob and dog in tow.

on race day, erich did a great job and crushed his goal of 30 minutes, crossing the finish line at just over 28 minutes. not too shabby for his first 5k!

he’s already planning his next race and he’s eager to do a trail race, specifically. i’m so proud of his performance and i’m thrilled we can enjoy running together as a family! let’s hope he doesn’t get as obsessed as i am with trail races…who will watch the kids and be there for me at the finish line??? a good problem to have i guess : )

okay, time for my traditional race recap. the support blue 10k was such a well-attended and well-supported race. tons of vendors, lots of community support, and it felt great to show our love and appreciation to the local police. there were 5,000+ runners, so this made for a very crowded start line. this was definitely my largest race to-date, and i can now say from experience that i definitely prefer smaller races.

racing the 10k in the double stroller was no joke! for months i’ve been training with the double, so i was definitely feeling prepared which was a huge plus. although i don’t typically hydrate during runs of this size, i decided to break my rules a little bit since i was pushing so much extra weight (over 100 pounds, if you’re wondering!). i enjoyed a packet of honeystinger gummies (minus a few that i had to surrender to the toddler once he ran out of snacks!) and some tailwind in the water bottle. i really appreciated the extra boost and will continue to bring along sustenance for future double stroller 10ks.

this was my first 10k in the double stroller. my goal was 1:10, since i really had no idea how we’d do. we crossed the finish line at 57:50! i was so proud!

race: support blue 10k

location: woodward park fresno

date: saturday, february 29, 2020

time: 57:50

extras: pushed the double bob stroller with our almost one-year-old and almost three-year-old. enjoyed tailwind and honeystinger chews. did not stop at aid stations.