Sharkmouth Ice Cleats and Crampon Review

The best way to safely run and hike in the snow this winter season

This is the first season I’ve ever entertained hiking or running in the snow. Our kiddos are older and we have family nearby to help watch them, so this would be the year of plentiful winter adventures. I knew I wanted to hike during the winter, so we needed proper gear. Enter…ice cleats!

In a typical year, my mountain adventures would end with the first snow. Ice cleats extend the hiking/higher elevation trail running season indefinitely. Must-have for your winter adventures!

My Review

Ice cleats have been a game changer for hiking this winter season. I immediately felt an improvement in my grip and stability, especially going downhill. The spikes were a little bulky for trail running, but I wouldn’t run in the snow/ice without them, that’s for sure! My husband also grabbed a pair of the same spikes. He loved them just as much as I do. Immediate grip and stability improvement. We both wore them on our recent hike of Four Mile Trail in Yosemite, hiking through 6+ miles of snow. Didn't slip once! I wore the spikes in ice, compacted snow, and fresh powder. They worked great in all three conditions, though snow shoes would be preferred for fresh powder.

Why You Need Them

If you have any interest in hiking or running in icy/snowy conditions, I highly recommend ice spikes. I’ve worn them to run and hike on the snowy trails in Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks.

How They Work

The concept of ice cleats is simple: grab your favorite pair of trail shoes or hiking shoes and stretch the ice spikes over them. Then hit the trail!

Where to Get Them

I found my pair on Amazon for under $25. Super happy with my purchase – click here to check them out!