SAR Trail Half Marathon Race Review

File this one under the “Harder than I thought it would be” category!

After conquering the Bryce Canyon 50K in May, I felt like I could handle any race (and I still feel that way most days!). So going into Sunday’s local trail half marathon, I was feeling pretty confident and ready.

But Sunday’s half marathon was anything but easy! The hills, terrain, elevation and heat made this course way tougher that I expected. Mentally, I just wasn’t as prepared as I should have been. When I crossed the finish line on Sunday, I was a little disappointed in my performance. I had a “goal time” and I didn’t hit it – I missed it by 10 minutes. But now, in retrospect, I realize this arbitrary goal time I had picked for myself wasn’t exactly a fair shake. I’ve never run this course, so how could I have a realistic “goal time”?

Looking back on Sunday’s race, I know that I did give my strongest effort, even if I didn’t hit my goal. Even if I am still a little bitter with my performance.

I learned a lot from this race. A LOT. Mainly, I learned that having a “goal time” may not always be a good idea. “Doing your best” is sometimes a good enough goal, even if it’s not truly measurable.

Side note: I am so ready to rock this course next year! I’m coming for you in 2022, SAR Half Marathon. Also, my parents and daughter are totally photobombing this picture!