Running in hot weather: tips for your summer stroller running adventures

okay guys, i’ve been talking a lot about running in the heat. we live in california’s central valley, which is known for super warm summers. this week, we encountered three days of triple digits, with two days of 107+ degrees! as a new runner, and a new resident to the valley, i thought it would be helpful to do some research on acclimating to the heat. i also gathered some of the best tips out there for running in the heat, plus provided a list of my best tips. read more below!

it takes two weeks to acclimate to the heat, according to podium runner. “generally it takes about two weeks of continual training in the heat to acclimatize. averaging at least one hour of moderate exercise daily in hot conditions is enough to get results in that timeframe. as adaptations occur, intensity and volume can increase.”

give yourself time and grace and the rest will fall into place! hey, that rhymed! okay, i can do that. but what about all of us stroller running mamas out there? how can we ensure we are safe and our kiddos are safe in the heat? here are my best tips for stroller running mamas to keep you and your kids happy in the heat.

stroller running tips for the summer heat

  1. start early. this week, we switched our schedule up quite a bit to get out of the house 2 hours earlier than normal. we brought breakfast “to go” – the kids ate in the stroller, during our run. this worked soooo well. sure, we missed our usual leisurely pace of eating breakfast, but this was the only way we were able to get out the door so quickly.

  2. hydrate. all. the. time. in addition to water bottles for both kids, we also have a handheld fan/spray bottle which is a huge hit for the toddler.

  3. sunscreen! bring it with you. lots of it.

  4. wear less clothes.

  5. find the shade!

  6. take breaks.

  7. slow down. and be okay with it.