Resilient Minds 5K - Supporting Brain Injury Awareness Month

When is a virtual race more than a virtual race? …when it supports a cause that truly deserves more attention and funding. A cause that has an impact on the lives of those you hold so dear.

Today, along with my close friend + fellow stroller running BAMR, the kiddos and I participated in the Resilient Minds 5K, which supports the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Throughout March, the CLF is shedding light on the ways we can support concussion/CTE research, plus the families impacted by brain injury.

My dear friend Caty is one of the strongest women + mamas I know. After suffering numerous concussions and TBIs, she knows first-hand the impact of brain injury – and the behavioral/emotional changes, fogginess and memory loss that can go along with it. Caty sustained head injuries during her years of competitive waterskiing, soccer, and snowboarding. “It’s oftentimes an isolating feeling of being benched from your sport and your life. I know the struggle of having to navigate the recovery of an invisible injury, while experiencing debilitating symptoms that no one seems to understand,” she shared.

Before getting to know Caty, I had no idea the long term impacts of brain injuries. And I had no idea that women/female athletes are often more susceptible to these impacts.

We were honored to register for the Resilient Minds 5K. Today’s “race day” was one for the books – we ran our 5K through the mud, ankle-deep puddles, and even hail! 28:14 with the double stroller / 9:07 pace

If you’re looking to register for a virtual race that truly makes an impact, I urge you to register for the Resilient Minds 5K. Your support means the world to this foundation, and to so many others like Caty.

Thank you for your support, friends!