Reflections from the Trail: Part III

Thoughts from the Bryce Canyon 50K, May 2021

It was the third time we had passed each other. Playing a good old-fashioned game of leap frog!

As I looked closer at the pair of runners in front of me, I realized their resemblance was uncanny: clearly, they were mother and daughter. We joked that we would certainly see each other again on the trail, since we had kept up with each other for 5+ miles. I wasn’t sure if I’d see them again so I made sure to ask my question.

“You two have to be related…Are you mother and daughter?”

“Yes, we are!” They replied.

I was so touched. How incredible that a mother and daughter both shared a passion for running! Immediately, we jumped into a deep conversation about motherhood and the mother/daughter relationship. The daughter was in her late 20s, with a 10-month-old of her own (talk about crushing postpartum running!). Her mother, in her 50s. Both lived in Utah, but had ties to California as well – as I quickly learned.

We were swept up in conversation for two more miles, until we reached the next aid station. The whole time, I kept thinking about my son and daughter. How incredible would it be for us to run an ultra together? And what an accomplishment to know that you instilled a passion for fitness in your kiddos. These were certainly #MomGoals.

As fate would have it, we crossed the finish line close to each other. I watched from afar as the mother and daughter embraced, celebrating their accomplishment, together.

Reflections From the Trail, Part III

Bryce Canyon 50K – May 29, 2021