Reflections from the Trail: Part II

Thoughts from the Bryce Canyon 50K, May 2021

It’s the quiet miles where I grew the most. The moments of pure solitude, when it was just me on the trail. No aid stations, no runners behind me or ahead of me. Just me, myself and I – and my thoughts.

I reached mile 26 and I quietly celebrated running my first-ever marathon distance. I studied my watch intently until it struck 26.2. “I’m a marathoner!” I thought to myself.

Fully aware that I still had nearly 8 miles to go, I started a mini pity party. My legs were already wrecked. I was wheezing a bit, and wished like hell I had brought my inhaler. How would I make it to the finish line? Why did I choose one of the toughest courses for my first 50K?

But then, as if on queue, my life flashed before my eyes. Not in a morbid way, but in the best way possible. I thought of my kids, my husband, my childhood. I thought about how much I wanted to teach my daughter about what we, as women, are capable of. I thought of how I wanted to show my son that he can be strong like mommy, not just like daddy.

I thought about how grateful I was to BE ALIVE. To be able to run and push myself to the brink. I didn’t think about work, or the pressures of being a working mom. I didn’t think about any of my shortcomings.

In that moment, at mile 26, I remembered what matters most.

Reflections From the Trail, Part II

Bryce Canyon 50K – May 29, 2021