Nathan Hydration Vest Review

i finally did it! i upgraded my basic hydration vest to the ferrari of hydravests. okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but the nathan vaporairess 2.0 7 liter hydravest is a huge splurge - and it’s totally worth it.

for months, i searched for the perfect hydration solution (as you probably remember if you’ve been following my running journey). i was thrilled when i found the hydration vest option - it is perfect for me. i purchased a basic hydration vest from amazon (<$40) and it was exactly what i needed. i remember seeing the nathan hydration vest and thought “maybe someday”. the price was a huge sticking point for me ($150 - really?!). i made a promise to myself: if i like the basic hydravest, and if i use it consistently, i would make the jump to the nathan.

like any bargain shopping mama, i monitored for deals and discounts. nathan released a 25% coupon recently, so i jumped at the opportunity to grab my very own nathan vaporairess 2.0!

the nathan pack exceeded my expectations in every sense. the storage, the lightweight, breathability, the comfort - this thing is legit. i tested it out on my 5.4 mile trail run in yosemite this weekend. i loaded up the bladder completely and carried a waterbottle in the front of the vest. i immediately felt the difference between my basic vest and this one. the nathan pack is so thoughtfully designed - compartments exactly where you need them! and so much storage. i had the perfect place for my phone, pepper spray, pocket knife and my trail map. i also love the bite valve - superior to anything else i’ve tried. and the magnetic clip keeps it always at the ready!

i can’t wait to get some more miles with this pack over the next week (we’re heading out for a hiking, running, and fishing getaway!). i love everything about the pack. yes, it’s expensive - but like most things, you get what you pay for!