My three favorite things for summer running

i’m new to summer running, and definitely new to summer running in the valley (we moved from coastal southern california to the california’s central valley last year – home to regular triple digit temps throughout the summer!). needless to say, running in the summer heat has been a major adjustment. earlier this summer, i read up on some of the best tips and advice for summer running (check out my earlier blog post for more on that!). now that i’ve been running in the summer heat for several months, i’m feeling pretty well-prepared for whatever mother nature can throw at me (with the exception of the unbearable wildfire smoke, but i don’t think anyone can be). as a new summer runner, i’ve really benefited from a few tricks and products along the way. here are my three favorite summer products to get you through the warmest temps.

chafezone: chafing can absolutely destroy a run, especially in the summer heat. i experience chafing in the worst possible place – between my thighs (ahh!). and i insist on wearing short shorts when i run, so chafing balm is 100% necessary. i love chafezone. stays on and continues to work, even during the hottest and sweatiest runs. available at walmart – great price, and lasts a long time! check it out here. bonus: chafezone also protects against hydration pack / backpack chafing on long runs and hikes.

nuun: my absolute favorite electrolyte drink, hands down! before each run, i drop a tablet of yummy nuun sport in my water and let it fizz. i drink nuun throughout my run, and even after i finish. i’ve noticed an immediate difference in how i feel after running. no more headaches or severe fatigue. the nuun tablets definitely do their job! my husband even drinks a tablet each night before bed (he’s a fan of the vitamin tablets). he spends his entire work day outside, so he needs the electrolytes! nuun is available on amazon and at your local run shop.

aquaphor: i know what you’re thinking. what’s she doing with aquaphor? apart from this being my go-to mom hack for dry skin, diaper rash, scrapes and cuts, etc…aquaphor is awesome for preventing sweat in the eyes! a few mother runners suggested putting vaseline above the eyes to keep sweat at bay. i tried aquaphor in place of vaseline and it was phenomenal. it’s easy: i place the aquaphor above my eye brows and within the first mile of my runs, i notice an immediate difference (no sweat in the eyes!). the product acted as the perfect barrier – the sweat just pools above the eyes, rather than running in them. best part: i didn’t experience any sort of breakouts or skin issues.