My Story

i was never a runner. seriously. not too long ago, i’d see runners and shake my head in disbelief. why would anyone choose to run? i’m a former crossfitter, softball player, hiker, and all-around athlete. just never a runner.

but then i had kids. i tried i accidentally fell in love with running, thanks to the fabulous ladies of FIT4MOM north fresno clovis. when we moved from socal to the central valley, i joined FIT4MOM to meet local moms, get my sweat on, and ease the transition of moving to a new city. after my first class, i quickly realized i could do more than just casually push my kids in the stroller. WE COULD RUN TOGETHER! it was my “aha” moment.

now, a few months later, i have found that running is the perfect way to bond with my kids and meet other mamas. we run every day together, whether we’re at a FIT4MOM class, running with other mamas at the park, or running in our neighborhood. we now run races together and it’s truly become one of our favorite activities (the kiddos love the words of encouragement and high fives we get from other racers and spectators!).

i’m starting this blog to share my journey as a running mama. if i can do it, you can too! i’d also like to share some of the things i’ve learned along the way, like how to keep your kiddos happy in the stroller (without an iPad - yes, it can be done!), what snacks to pack, how to dress them, and so on.

mamas, we can do anything we put our minds to. so why not try something outside of your comfort zone? you’ve got this.