is your stroller ready for race day?

our two bob strollers (specifically our bob duallie) get a ton of use. we take our duallie on every family vacation, camping trip and outing – not to mention the 10+ miles i put on it every week for my half marathon training. our duallie can successfully navigate all types of terrain and conditions with ease. we’ve had it for nearly a year, and admittedly, i’ve never done a deep cleaning before!

i’m running my first stroller 10k later this month, so the time felt right to tune up and do a deep clean of our duallie. like any millennial mama, i took to youtube to see what was recommended by the experts themselves – bob strollers. i also took some liberties and used wd-40 to get my stroller ready for race day (a recommendation from my handyman husband!). i’ve rounded up my top five cleaning/maintenance tips to make sure your stroller is ready for race day. i’ve also included a few videos that might help you get started.

happy trails, mamas!

top 5 tips:

1. top off those tires: be sure to fill your tires for optimal cruising conditions. and bring your hand pump on race day in case you have any unexpected leaks/flats. if you have a leaky tire, consider removing the inner tube to see if you have any holes (see video below for more details on how to do this). 2. clean fabric, plastic parts, undercarriage and tires: if you’re anything like me, having a clean stroller feels like having the perfect race day outfit. look your best to race your best! use dish soap and water to wipe down mud, dirt, or snack debris.

3. lube gears and hinges: i used wd-40 on the tires and gears/hinges. i felt an immediate difference when i folded up the stroller and a big difference on our first ride with the kids post-cleaning. everything felt much smoother.

4. clean/remove back tires: this was a big one for us, since we frequently take our stroller off-roading in various conditions (sand, salt water, snow, etc.). i removed the two back tires, cleaned them, and applied wd-40 to the gears. this made an immediate impact – our first ride was really smooth after the cleaning…and you should’ve seen the gunk that came off the wheels/connection points!

5. secure tires: be sure to properly lock your front and back tires. this is a big one. a few months back, i was having a hard time folding up my duallie. turns out, one of the back tires was almost completely off its post! it’s a simple as pushing your tires in and ensuring they are properly locked.

helpful videos:

- bob tire and inner tube replacement:

- tuning up your bob stroller:

- general stroller cleaning video: