honeystinger chews & hydration belt

five weeks out from my first half marathon! each week, i’m testing a new piece of gear and/or fuel in prep for my big race. over the weekend, i tested a basic hydration belt and honeystinger chews. check out my full review of each item below!

honeystinger chews

after my experience with gu (short answer: i wasn’t a fan of gu, it made me feel sick during my run and for the rest of the day), i wanted to try something on the opposite end of the spectrum. that’s where honeystinger chews came in. i’ve heard great things about their chews and waffles from other running friends, so i had to give them a try. i ordered a variety pack of honeystinger chews from amazon and gave it a try during a 6-mile road run.

first thoughts: i absolutely loved the flavor and texture. reminded me of the fruit snacks i give my son! went down easy, no need to chug a bunch of water. i ate a few chews when i started my run and then snacked on them throughout the run. no upset stomach, no gas, nothing. i also felt the sugar/carbs gave me a necessary jolt to get through the tougher miles (lots of hills during this run, but i had the energy to go strong throughout). love that the chews are organic and all-natural. only apparent downside would be the sugar content - definitely higher than the gu.

final thoughts: yay for honeystinger! i will definitely use the chews for future runs, and i will definitely bring a pack or two for my first half. i didn’t feel any nasty side effects, unlike my gu experience.

grade: a -

hydration belt

when i first started running in october, i researched options for holding my phone/keys on runs when i didn’t have the stroller. the hydration belt appeared to be the best option for storing these items, plus water on longer runs (i'm not a fan of the armbands anymore, especially since our phones are the size of ipads these days!). since purchasing the belt in october, i’ve used it for several races to hold my phone and it's been super helpful. this was the first time i used the belt for hydration. i filled each 10 ounce water bottle with nuun (so i was carrying 20 ounces total).

first thoughts: the belt felt soooo heavy compared to when it just holds my phone. i never quite got used to the weight of the water and the sloshing, plus the chafing of the bottles was really unpleasant. so unpleasant that i ended up hiding one of my bottles behind a bush and grabbed it on my way back on the second half of my run!

final thoughts: the hydration belt is great for carrying my phone and keys, but the weight of the water bottles was far too much of an annoyance. i’ll continue to refine my hydration options as i get closer to race day – i’m confident i’ll find the right fit for me! next up: handheld water bottle and hydration pack.

grade: b -