“Gear” Review: Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow Cookbook

i love to cook, thanks mostly to my mom. she’s an incredible cook (seriously, the lady should’ve gone to culinary school!) so i’ve had a great appreciation for food my entire life. i was fortunate to grow up in an environment where healthy eating/healthy recipes were a way of life. naturally, my mom would give me this cookbook for my birthday!

a few months ago, i quietly celebrated my 31st birthday (thank you, quarantine). my favorite gift was this cookbook: run fast, cook fast, eat slow. my mom gave it to me and i remember the convo vividly: “honey, these recipes look great. and aren’t these ladies adorable?” little did she know she was talking about shalane flanagan, one of the most decorated distance runners in us history, and elyse kopecky, an all-around badass mother runner!

over the past month, i’ve cooked 1-2 different recipes from the cookbook each week. pre-run muffins, baked salmon, breakfast smoothies, soups, salads – this book has everything. and best of all, shalane and elyse use their platform to talk about the positive relationship runners need to have with food. it’s all about moderation, and this cookbook really echoes that sentiment, while creating recipes that are soooo easy and delicious (two words: miso butter).

here are some of the things i’ve cooked: miso butter salmon, instant pot beef & lentil minestrone, miso butter kale, superhero muffins, sweet potato salad. the muffins were a huge hit in our house. the kids and hubby ate them up in two days! i love the “grab and go” convenience of the muffins, plus the nutritional complexity really gave me a nice boost of energy before my morning stroller runs. my new favorite condiment is also miso butter. i’ve used it on salmon, kale, sautéed veggies. it adds the ultimate umami flavor to any dish, with just a little bit of indulgence. i will always keep this in my fridge!

run fast, cook fast, eat slow is actually the second cookbook from shalane and elyse. the first iteration, run fast, cook fast, looks equally delicious. maybe i’ll request that as a christmas gift from my mom? :)

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