first-ever running shoe fitting: fleet feet fresno

in the world of running, i’m a total newbie. I started my running journey in october 2019. since then, I’ve consistently logged 10-20 running miles a week. i’ve been rocking a decent pair of running shoes (nike frees), but i could tell they weren’t fitting me properly (consistent fatigue/pain and blisters).

i’ve always had the proper athletic shoes: cleats for softball, powerlifting shoes for olympic lifting, and metcons for crossfit. so why not properly fitting running shoes? since i’ve been investing so much of my time and energy in running, it was certainly time to get the right pair of shoes!

if i want to run like the pros, time to see the pros. enter…fleet feet sports fresno. fleet feet sponsors most of the local races i’ve participated in this year and they have a reputation for knowing their stuff. after doing a little pre-shopping research, i was also super excited to see their price match/happy fit guarantee. love that they stand behind their products! in this age of online shopping, that certainly means a lot to me.

i walked into fleet feet fresno at around 11:30am, with my 9-month-old baby girl in tow (front carrier for the win!). we were immediately helped by kyle. i explained to him my situation – newbie runner, shoes ain’t cutting it, ridiculously wide feet, never been properly fitted. after a quick look at my feet (so glad i recently had a pedi, by the way!), we walked to the volumental foot scan machine. voila – my feet were scanned in a few seconds, sending kyle a breakdown of my size and width. i also walked around the store barefoot so that kyle could analyze my walk. sounds so official when I type it out – and it really was. professional from the get-go! once kyle had all the info, he knew exactly what I needed. score!

based on my shoe size and width, kyle brought me three shoe options: hoka, new balance, and another brand I’m totally blanking on (#mombrain moment). the new balance fresh foam 1080s were the clear winner. the shoes felt immediately better than my current pair of nikes. honestly, this was the best-fitting athletic shoe i’ve ever put on. lots of bounce, roomy toe box, and great support (the holy grail for a wide-footed gal like myself). the fitting experience took around 45 minutes. time well-spent, that’s for sure. i feel confident these shoes will really help me as i dive deeper into my running and training journey over the coming weeks and months. and if the shoes don’t work out, i know i can confidently walk back into fleet feet and get what I need.

i can’t wait to give these shoes a try on my next run. and I’m also super excited to head back to fleet feet for more running gear. good thing we were up against nap time for baby girl, or I could’ve done some real damage : )

thank you to kyle and the fleet feet fresno team. see you soon!