Finding relief from Plantar Fasciitis

My best tips and advice for getting back to peak performance

It was six months ago and I was 10 months into my running journey. I was building my mileage, incorporating speed training and hill training...firing on all cylinders. Then, one morning, I woke up with a terrible pain in my left heel. After a quick Google search – and a FaceTime convo with my twin sister who happens to be a nurse practitioner – we determined I had a case of plantar fasciitis. NOOOOO!

I did my research, rested for a few weeks, and tried a bunch of different products in an effort to find relief. Now, six months later, my pain has improved significantly. After lots of trial and error, I’ve found a system that works for me. Here are some of my favorite products and tips for fighting plantar fasciitis.

  • Night brace FTW! I know what you’re thinking. She actually sleeps in that thing? Why yes, I sure do. In fact, I sleep with a brace on each foot. Mornings are the absolute worst time for plantar fasciitis pain. A night brace provides immediate relief, as your foot has time to recover in the optimal position while you sleep. It’s honestly not as bad as it looks…your spouse will get used to it, I promise. Ha. This has been the single-greatest tool in my recovery and continual management of pain.

  • Roll it out. I love this ball I found from Dr. Scholls. Best part: you can freeze it! It’s like the frozen water bottle trick, but much more efficient.

  • Wear the right shoes. And I’m not talking about running shoes. I grew up at the beach, so I spent most of my life barefoot or in flip flops…the exact WRONG THING to do for plantar fasciitis. I’m almost positive my PF was exacerbated by my barefoot/sandal habit. Now, as soon as I get home from my run, I slip on a pair of supportive sandals designed to prevent PF. I wear them all day long. They’ve made an enormous difference!

  • CBD cream + compression socks = immediate relief! After a long run, I lather on GoodFOR CBD cream. Once it dries, I put on my SBSox compression sleeve. Immediate relief!

Quick disclaimer: Of course, I am NOT a medical professional. These are the products/tricks that continue to help me in my recovery. If you’re experiencing pain, talk to your doctor.