Final Race with the Double BOB Stroller

Saturday’s 5K was my last race with the double stroller.

I knew it as I crossed the finish line (and you can probably see it all over my face in this gem of a race photo!). The answer is simple: Little man is no longer little. My 43-pound 3-year-old has simply outgrown stroller racing. We will continue to do short training runs in the double stroller, but our double stroller racing chapter has ended.

Mamas, this may seem like a tiny, insignificant blip on the radar of motherhood. But what this milestone shows me is truly how fast time is going. A year ago, almost to the day of Saturday’s 5K, we ran our first 5K in the double stroller. That small, local 5K set my running journey into motion. Since then, we’ve logged hundreds of double stroller miles. We’ve run in five in-person races and have participated in 6+ virtual races. Each one of these races was so special to me and to my kiddos. But as I continue to work towards my running goals, and (hopefully) sign up for more in-person races, I know that I’ll need to leave the double stroller at home.

I’m so honored to have shared so many joyous race day experiences with both of my kids. From this day forward, I’m so excited to run races with just my little girl and our single BOB stroller. I love sharing the competitive energy of race day with the kids. I will continue to cross the finish line as much as possible, just with my single BOB instead. And rest assured…I will continue to run my trail races and anything over a 10K solo! : )