COROS Pace 2 Review

Learn more about my first month with my COROS watch!

I remember the moment vividly: I was running a 15-mile training run, in the middle of my 50K training program. I looked down as I completed my run to check my pace. I was shocked that I had less than 10 percent battery life left in my Garmin. How could I possibly use this watch during my 50K?! Then it hit me: I was in need of a new running watch before my 50K.

Enter COROS! I knew a little bit about COROS, just from runners I’ve followed on IG. I knew the company was a new-ish challenger to Garmin. I didn’t know much else, but I knew that battery life was their big differentiator.

My coach @RunSJRT recommended COROS, so I gave them a look. I was so excited to find the PACE 2 model. It’s loaded with all of the features you’d expect in a fitness/running watch – programmable workouts, GPS tracking, breakdown of statistics, etc. After lots of research (no surprise there if you know my research habits!), I snagged up the PACE 2. Here are some of my initial thoughts from the past month of using the watch:


Immediately, upon unboxing my watch, I noticed one big difference: weight! The PACE 2 is super lightweight, compared to the Garmin Vivoactive 3 I’ve been running with for the past 15 months. I’m one of those people (maybe I’m alone on this island!) who only wears their watch for workouts. I’ve never been a watch person, so I would typically remove my watch immediately after finishing my run. With the PACE 2, I find that I forget that I’m wearing it and I wear it much longer than my Garmin (and I have the watch tan line to prove it!). It’s super lightweight and comfortable – practically unnoticeable.

Battery Life

This was the number one reason I made the switch from Garmin to COROS. I’ve charged my watch only three times since purchasing it. It’s truly the best feature! To move from almost daily charging, to barely weekly, I’m one happy runner.

Functionality – Pros

Like Garmin, COROS offers seamless integration with Strava. COROS also provides detailed analysis of fitness and run/workout performance, just as you’d expect from Garmin. I also LOVE the watch faces and digital time presentation, which were absent from my Garmin. I recently programmed my first interval program and found that the functionality was very similar to my Garmin – so very user-friendly. I also love the fun white color!

Functionality – Cons

The PACE 2 does not have a touchscreen, which was a big adjustment coming from Garmin. It took me a few days to get used to this, but then I realized the scrolling dial on the side of the watch does everything a touch screen would do. The watch does have a very quick locking functionality, which is great for those of us who inadvertently start their watch during breaks (me!). However, it takes me a little while to “stop” my watch, since one has to spin the dial to unlock the watch. This would be a little tricky for timed miles or other max efforts. I’d also love to see a “hike” or “walk” mode, so that my regular hikes don’t mess with my running pace/overall stats.

Price Point

My PACE 2 cost $199 – also a huge selling point for me, and a big difference in price from comparable Garmin models. Definitely a great value! COROS has absolutely exceeded my expectations.

I’m really excited to continue using and learning about my PACE 2 watch. There are several features I have yet to try, such as the COROS strength program and their “muscle heatmap” which can help you create a well-rounded training program. I’m also really excited about future updates and features – it seems like COROS really listens to their customers.

Have you tried COROS? What watch do you use currently? Let me know on Instagram!