beyond the diaper bag: toddler & baby gear

"by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

this timeless quote from ben franklin couldn't be more true for stroller running...particularly the preparation needed to ensure your kids have a successful run.

you know how to get yourself ready for your run, but what about the kids? what will they need on your run? read below to discover some of our favorite items for both babies and toddlers. these items have made our stroller runs successful - hopefully they help you as well!

gear for toddlers

  • sun hat: especially helpful for warmer days. my 2.5 year old usually wants to have the stroller shade pulled back so he can have a full view of wherever we’re running, so a sun hat is often necessary.

  • beanie: ideal for colder weather. a must when the kids are sitting for a while without any playtime to help them warm up,

  • snacks: you can’t have too many snacks! goldfish crackers, raisins, and apple slices are a crowd pleaser for the toddler. i love using the reusable silicone bags to cut down on our use of single-use plastic bags.

  • toys/books: our toddler loves to read, so a book is often enough to occupy him for a good portion of our runs. i also like to keep “stroller toys” at the ready - these are toys that are only played with during stroller runs or stroller workouts. he loves little trinket-style toys. something as simple as a happy meal toy, car, or character will always do the trick!

  • sunscreen: obvious, but especially important when it’s warm out.

  • sippy cup: don’t forget to top off their water before you get going! my little guy always wants it even if i’m the one doing the sweating.

  • jacket: during the colder months, a down or down-alternative jacket is critical. warm babies = longer runs!

gear for babies

  • beanie: ideal for colder weather. a must when we’re not using the snowsuit.

  • toys: i always like to have two toys ready. teething toys are a big hit for our almost 10-month-old. i recommend having two toys; you never know when one will fall overboard!

  • sunscreen: obvious, but especially important when it’s warm out.

  • thermos for water: my girl will only take a warm bottle. no matter how hard i try! we love this little igloo thermos, which keeps water warm and ready to go if we need to stop and make a bottle (we recently weaned from breast milk, but this thermos could easily keep breast milk warm, too).

  • jacket: on days above 50 degrees, a fleece jacket and hat are enough to keep our girl warm.

  • snowsuit: on colder days (under 50 degrees), i like to dress our babe in a snowsuit. it’s ideal: no blankets to fuss with, no hats or gloves to lose mid-run…and it really keeps her nice and cozy. i found this one on eBay (gently used) and we absolutely love it. when she rocks the snowsuit, i dress her in normal clothes (no need for a jacket) and just zip her up!