Being patient in my running journey

as many of you know, i’m a new runner. i started running in october 2019 after accidentally falling in love with running. believe it or not, stroller running showed me that i loved running! never in a million years did i think that i could be a “runner” – until i realized how great of a workout / experience stroller running is for both me and my kiddos. flash forward to june 2020…i’m in my 8th month of my running journey. i’ve run 6 “real” races, one virtual half marathon, completed the yeti ultra 30 miles in 24 hours challenge, participated in virtual training programs, plus a handful of other virtual races. like so many other runners, all of my spring and summer races have been cancelled due to covid-19. i still have yet to run a “real” half marathon! all is not lost; the cancellations have allowed me to run “for fun” and to focus on building my endurance base.

naturally, i’ve been thinking about my long-term goals. i still want to run a real half marathon this year. i also want to run my first ultra in 2021 (the yeti challenge was awesome, but doesn’t count in my world!). so when vacation races emailed us this week about their september ultras (yes, september 2020), i jumped out of my seat and vowed that i would run the 50k. an ultra in 2020? in zion? where do i sign up? i got myself so pumped up. i texted my running buddies and fellow running bamrs. i told my hubby and we started planning our kid-free vacation to zion.

50k? i’ve got this. everyone said i was ready. but there was a little voice in my head that kept asking me “are you sure you can handle 50k this early in your running career?” later that night, i started reading up on all things ultra…yes, i even googled “am i ready for an ultra marathon?” here are the facts: mentally, i know i am ready (mental toughness is my super power). physically, a different story. my weekly mileage isn’t far off from where i need to be to start a training program. however, i would only have <14 weeks to train. that was a little shorter than i wanted. not to mention i’ve had some heel pain over the past week. the intense amount of mileage needed for ultra training wouldn’t help – and it could even make the pain worse. yikes.

patience is not really in my vocabulary. career, athletics…i’ve always gone all-in, sometimes too quickly. but after reading and learning from the experts about what it takes to successfully complete an ultra, i took a step back. patience is exactly what i need to practice right now. why rush into the world of ultra running? it’s not like the zion ultra is the last ultra on earth (though thanks to covid…it sure feels that way!).

so instead of signing up for the ultra, i signed up for the equally awesome zion trail half marathon. i am so excited to crush my very first “real” half marathon in september. i can’t wait to explore zion after the race. my hubby and i are super excited for a weekend together (the kiddos will spend the weekend their grandparents!).

patience begins TODAY. here’s to being patient in my training and patient in my goal-setting. trust the process, trust that good things take time. i’ve made it so far already but i still have much to accomplish and learn. now…time to get pumped for my zion half marathon!!!

stroller running will get my to my goals!


i loved reading more about ultra training and i can’t wait to embark on a training program when the time comes. i found these articles to be especially helpful. check them out!

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