50K Training Update: Weeks 7 - 12

Bryce Canyon 50K Training: We’re (more than) HALFWAY there!

Holy shit. In less than 12 weeks, I’ll be running the Bryce Canyon 50K. My first 50K. The longest distance in my short running career. The craziest thing I’ve ever done, no doubt.

With each passing week, I’m feeling stronger and more prepared for the @vacationraces Bryce Canyon 50K. But holy shit, I’m also feeling more and more nervous!

I was always the athlete who had MAJOR nerves on game day. Naturally, this the case with race day, too. The Bryce Canyon 50K has created an even deeper level of excitement and nerves…but I’m okay with it! Now, my job is to channel those feelings into my training. Here’s a quick update on my training so far – take a look at my blog post (link in bio) for a complete recap.

First 3 words that come to mind: Committed, strong, yikes

How I’m Feeling: Healthy, stoked, anxious

Motto: Keep showing up!

What’s changed over the past 6 weeks: I started practicing yoga once a week (loving it!). And I’ve added dedicated core exercises to my program. I’ve also fallen completely in love with my treadmill. It’s been a true game changer for my training. I can’t imagine ultra training without it. Hill training, early morning speed workouts, stroller-free runs…they’ve all been made possible by the treadmill. I’m also super grateful for the guidance and support from my coach @RunSJRT. Such a relief to have him in my corner.

Finally, I have a packed race calendar from now until Bryce Canyon. I’m running two real, in-person half marathons in late March, with the @vacationraces Yosemite Half in early May. Super pumped to hit the starting line soon!

What race are you training for? Hopefully you have some in-person races on your calendar too!