50K Training Update: The first 6 weeks

6 weeks down, 19 to go!

Hard to believe it’s already been 6 weeks since I signed up for the Bryce Canyon 50K! Training is going by super fast. Which is kinda scary, yet kinda awesome! As I told you when I first announced my race in December, I want to provide regular updates so you can see the good, bad, and ugly of my training journey. This first update is all pretty “good” – and I’m very grateful for that!

Here we go:

  • First 3 words that come to mind: Focused, committed, ready

  • How I’m Feeling: Strong and fit! I also feel really excited to have something big to train for. At first my goal was daunting. But each week, I’m chipping away and getting closer and more prepared. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m super grateful that my body is able to run this much. A year ago, running 12 miles in a single run (and not being totally dead!) felt like a dream. Proud of how far I’ve come!

  • Motto: Slow and steady!

  • What’s Changed Since I Started: I purchased a treadmill! Should arrive in the next two weeks. I’m also working with a coach! Super excited to be working with ultra running extraordinaire Nate Moore. Nate is an incredibly accomplished ultra runner and race director for all of my favorite trail races in the Central Valley. Nate comes highly recommended by friends in the local running community (including one of my friends who is running the Bryce Ultra with me). I am incredibly excited to be working with a coach, especially one as badass as Nate!

  • Theme Song: Good Time by Niko Moon

Stand by for my next update at week 12! Crossing my fingers I’ll be feeling just as strong and stoked for training. How are your goals coming along? I know we’re only a few weeks into January…but hopefully y’all are killing it with your 2021 goals!