Stroller Running Guide

Ready to stroller run with your kiddos? Here are some of our favorite tips to help you get started.


No surprises here: we’re on team BOB. We have the single and duallie (double) and can’t imagine life without ‘em. Such a great investment. The BOB truly makes running with kids possible! Frugal mama tip: used is a great option. We found our gently-used duallie on OfferUp for much less than a new one. Bonus tip: the snack tray/cupholder attachment is an absolute necessity!


Picture this: you’re enjoying a beautiful morning run, when 15 minutes into it, your little one says those dreaded words: "Mama, I’m cold!” Avoid this sneaky pitfall - layer up! In temps <50 degrees, my toddler wears a hat and down jacket. For your littlest ones, I highly recommend a snowsuit-style jumper. No hat, booties or mittens needed - the all-in-one style is the perfect cozy solution.


One step you don’t want to miss: snacks! Our toddler loves raisins, goldfish, apple slices and trail mix…with water on the side. Snacks keep kids occupied and happy. SAFETY FIRST: choose small, bite-sized and age-appropriate snacks. Looking for storage options? We love these reusable snack bags from Amazon!


Our kiddos do best when we have a destination in mind for our runs. Perhaps we’re running to the local Starbucks for a blueberry muffin (and a coffee for mom of course!). Maybe we’re running to our local park. Destinations can be near or far, but i’ve found it helps immensely to have a fun end destination to keep their interest.


There’s always so much to see and point out to the kiddos while running. Dogs, fellow runners, big trees, pinecones, cyclists…the list goes on. We constantly discover new things on our runs and it becomes a game for me to find new things to share. I also love to listen to music (no headphones) for all three of us to enjoy. It’s fun to talk about the songs and artists we’re listening to.


For the littlest kiddos, a teething toy or rattle is enough. My oldest does best with a nice book or favorite toy. I also like to keep a few ‘running toys’ for him at the ready. These are toys we only store in the stroller (a special car, small action figure) so he looks forward to playing with them when we run.