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Second-time mama, first-time runner — sharing my adventures in motherhood and running!

I was never a runner. Seriously. Not too long ago, I’d see runners and shake my head in disbelief. why would anyone choose to run? I’m a Crossfitter, softball player, hiker, and all-around athlete. Just never a runner.

But then I had kids. I tried various workout programs but never found one that worked for my new life as a working mama. The problem: I needed to find a workout that would get me in shape and not take away precious time from my kiddos. The solution: running!

Now, more than a year later, I have found that running is the perfect way to bond with my kids and meet other mamas. We run nearly every day together, whether we’re at a FIT4MOM class, running with other mamas at the park, or running in our neighborhood. 

I started this blog in January 2020 to share my journey as a running mama. If I can do it, you can too! Why not try something outside of your comfort zone? You’ve got this.

Resolution Run 4 Mile Race - January 1, 2020 

Let's work together

I love testing (and of course sharing!) new products with my audience. If you're looking to reach customers in the running/fitness industry, let's chat! I'm a professional micro-influencer with a highly engaged Instagram audience. 

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